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Default Re: Any word on if this is going to resolve continuity issues from First Class?

As I pointed out at time Matthew Vaughn said different things depending on who he was
talking to.He even In one Interview call It both reboot and prequel.

I disagree with that attitude.I would prefer film series like James Bond series used to be(which I would have never rebooted) when you have to recast the actors,and If you have a disappointing film make next one better.Under present attitude we would have never gotten 6 star Trek films with original cast.

If you are going down the reboot road you need to totally divorce yourself from team of films you are now saying never happened.The spider-man reboot should have had none of writers and producers on board(they could have easily brought on a new director and new Spider-Man and continued series) the james bond films should have immedely had new writers,an entire new production team and they certinly should never have used Judi Dench In last 3 films.The Dark Knight trilogy did It well.while I have little Intrest
In Man of steel they also are doing It well.Whenever they reboot Batman they need to totally seperate Itself from The Nolan trilogy.

Comic Books like X-Men,Spider-Man,batman,and SUperman can lead to James Bond like
longtivity but they can't If they are consently being rebooted.

Fox seems to want to try to keep the same X-men series going In some form for as long as possibly.

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