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Default Re: If the Lizard was the villain in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4...

I think Lizard was so far away from Raimi's franchise after SM2 so I can't imagine how he'd do him. As you said, he made Connors a physicist instead of a biologist which I think pretty much kills it.

But let's ignore that. I think looks wise he'd be much like Lizard in ASM but maybe a bit smaller and with the clothes on. I think he'd make Lizard very fast and beastly because that's the kind of action he'd love to do.

I also think he would be very true to Connors' character, since I think that's the kind of character that would fit Raimi like a glove.

I think Raimi probably would have done Lizard better than in ASM if he'd wanted to do him, but I think Raimi wasn't that interested. Also, I think he'd think Lizard wouldn't fit in the more kid friendly tone he was going for.

Yeah they should just cancel the films and not even bother and spend the budget on building a giant statue of toby macguire instead!

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