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Default Re: Rogue or Kitty?

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
I disagree.I think Rogue will be used.Based on what we have heard I am betting the returnes from X-Men trilogy will be ones cast by Byran Singer.

Bryan Is very likely to avoid reference to the Last Stand,and will want to bring back,with
possable exception of Halle Berry,actors he has good relationship with.Anna Paquin Is one of those.

Bryan may want to call back to the close relationship between Wolverine and Rogue he had especilly In first X-Men.

Rogue has essentilly filled the Kitty Pryde role In Bryan's past X-Men films(X-Men and X2)
and It makes sence It would continue here.

Rogue as Time Traveler allows you opportunity to show her having to find way to mansion after time travel and then you can cut to what Is going on In Past to both
X-Men and Brotherhood.

It's very unlikely Rogue would suddenly have the MS Marvel powers but I can defently see In working with Wolverine In Dark Future she devolped more fighting skills.
That's a very good point. I can see Singer making an attempt to "take back" the series that he kind of started.

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