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Default Re: Rogue or Kitty?

Definitely Rogue because Kitty hasn't made any sort of impact on me, as much as I like her character in the comics. Her being on the team in X3 was definitely fan service, as were most of the cameos, they felt very forced and if they weren't in the movies, the movie still would have been the same but maybe more character development in place of the numerous cameos. In the movie universe she was poorly handled. Ellen Page was a bad choice for Kitty.

What I also disliked was Rogue's scene with Logan in X3. In X-Men he was like, "I'll protect you and take care of you.." but in X3 he was like, "I'm not your father, do what you want.." totally ruined their bond that was developed over the first two movies. The novelization/alternate ending was better because Rogue didn't take the cure and in the novel she even returned and stayed behind to protect the school right before the battle on Alcatraz.

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