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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Jelle Van de Weghe previs artist on Thor 2 just tweeted 2 hours ago

Jelle van de weghe ‏@Jellevdweghe
That's a wrap! #vfx #previs #thor2

a couple more interesting past tweets from that guy...

12 June Jelle van de weghe ‏@Jellevdweghe
I'm working on so much cool **** right now. Boy,I would tell you all about it, if only I didn't have to sign like 50 nda's.

29 May Jelle van de weghe ‏@Jellevdweghe
I created such a sexy topology for a very famous character of a big upcoming film..wowza! #vfx

20 May Jelle van de weghe ‏@Jellevdweghe
will be working from Shepperton Film Studios tomorrow for the next couple of months.will be awesome,but might miss Soho.

So that middle one doesn't say Thor 2, but I'd say that he's probably referring to that, probably Kurse. (my guess, anyway)

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