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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
While it is true that Steve would certainly work for SHIELD if he learned about Bucky's plight, I doubt Fury would call him in. He'd be too involved and liable to act rashly, and Fury would be likelier to hand the matter to one of his trusted agents.
I don't think Fury is the type of guy to worry about someone "getting too close or emotional" to a given mission. In Avengers, he thrived on manipulating Steve (and the others') emotions to get results from them.

If I was scripting this, here's how I'd approach the movie:

Movie opens with Winter Soldier carrying out a high-level political assassination somewhere. SHIELD starts investigating.

Cut to Steve Rogers. Man Out of Time. Superhero. First Avenger. He's still trying to adjust to the 21st century (show several funny and sad scenes of him trying to adapt to this strange new world). He's looking for his place in this new world, and he turns back to what he knows --- soldiering. The US military is working hard to recruit him as their go-to PR guy, and Steve is more than willing to pick up where he left off all those years ago.

So Cap rejoins the US military as their all-star. Heads off to Afghanistan or some other relevant battlefield. Montage some successful missions against the Taliban, and then key in on one particular mission that features Cap going up against a Blackwater-type "security specialist" (read: mercenary) whose gone off the reservation in Kabul or somewhere and is now leading his own private war. It's become a PR disaster for the US, and they need this guy eliminated. He's even taken on a menacing look and nickname to reflect his renegade status: "Crossbones."

Meanwhile, Fury and his SHIELD agents are getting closer to uncovering the identity of the mysterious "Winter Soldier" assassin. Fury, or Widow, or Sam Wilson, or Sharon Carter, or a very old Peggy Carter or former Howling Commando, begins to notice something unusual when he/she goes back through some classified photos of previous assassinations that seemed to follow the same m.o. These are assassinations that took place all over the world, over the past seventy years or so. In each case, the assassination followed a strategy/weaponry similar to Winter Soldier's --- even stranger still, the photos seem to show a guy(s) who look remarkably similar to Winter Soldier himself. Twenty years ago....forty years ago....almost seventy years ago. And this "Winter Soldier" doesn't seem to have aged a bit in any of those photos.

Back to Cap and Crossbones in the desert. Massive throwdown. Great fight scene. Cap wins, of course, and Crossbones is captured. The commanding officer calls Cap in after the mission and says that Steve's presence is personally requested by Nick Fury himself to aid in this high-profile mission against the Winter Soldier assassin. Fury?! Steve has nothing to say to that guy, not after the events in the Avengers. He doesn't trust him as far as he can throw him ---

Then Fury drops the bomb. "'s Bucky. He's....still alive."


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