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Default Re: Kryptonite in first film... Extent of use?

Originally Posted by A&W View Post
I'm really curious what you guys think of this idea.
General Zod along with his partner are sentenced to eternity in outer space. Have the prison be a small craft orbiting kryptonite if you want. Superman's parents send him into outer space in his craft right before the planet explodes. Meanwhile the craft containing baby Superman creates a wormhole to begin it's journey towards earth. When the wormhole opens up and sucks in Superman giant chunks of the exploded planet, kryptonite, get sucked in as well. Then the kryptonite hitches a ride through the wormhole all the way to earth alongside baby superman .

This would explain how chunks of kryptonite make it to earth out of all the possible planets it could land on.

You could also have zod get sucked into the wormhole..
How much Kryptonite we talkin here?

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