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Default Re: Man Of Steel Trailer Crowd Reactions Thread

I've been reading some of the comments on the trailer, and as a long time Superman fan, I can say this...

There are so many things that make this trailer mesmerizing to audiences. Personally, I've never seen so much excitement over a trailer for a movie. (Although, I don't really pay attention to many trailers, so maybe that's the reason)

In the trailer Henry Cavill is great. He has this boyish quality to his voice, yet it's very deep and manly.

Even though the trailer has lots of action, it raises so many questions that we cannot wait to have answered in June. Like, what happens in the bus scene when the women sees Clark? How does Clark deal with the situation? Why is Clark upset in school? Why is he meditating in the water? Why are they all pointing so many guns at him? Why do they arrest him? What kind of man will this Superman chose to be? We all want to know.

The trailer asks so many questions, even aside form the action. It really draws you in. You instantly like Superman. His voice and the expessions on his face are great. You want to watch his dilema and see how he deals with it.

To me this has always been what makes Superman interesting and not just the action. I would love a movie where he investigates crimes with Lois and then shows up and saves the day. I wouldn't even need super powered aliens to find the story of Superman interesting.

I just hope there is some story. With batman films, there's too much action IMO of course, a lot of people won't agree with that. And Batman has to struggle too much to meet his goals, again IMO. This is probably why I'm a Superman fan.

I don't like to see Superman struggle too much. I like to see him investigate, then win. Action only, wouldn't cause this type of excitement. Just my two cents. I definitely hope there's not more than two years between sequels.

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