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Default Re: If the Lizard was the villain in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4...

Originally Posted by GoldGoblin View Post
Raimi was gonna have Lizard with Doc Ock in SM2 and there was a image of what he would of looked like.Basically the same thing we got but with clothes.
Sources? Do you have the image you are describing?

I think that Raimi would have had more fun with the Lizard than Webb. A lot of people bash the Raimi trilogy for being to campy, but that's just his style. Go watch Evil Dead II and see what I mean. However, I think in the long run I prefer the tone that Webb created for TASM. It doesn't feel as "fun" or comic book like, but ultimately I think it will age better.

Although Dylan Baker's Lizard was a physicist and not a biologist, perhaps that could explain why his serum was imperfect and turned him into the Lizard?

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