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Default Re: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake VI

Originally Posted by tekken View Post
i still think he'd take on the name robin as a masked crime fighter (ESPECIALLY because that's his real name). the guy said himself he wasn't afraid to show himself in the face of corruption, but batman told him to wear a mask to protect his loved ones. being "Robin" in the mask is doing both. and unlike Bruce Wayne, john blake's a nobody...bruce wayne created "Batman" out of a childhood fear of bats - i could totally see john blake not using the name "Robin" because of some kind of childhood tragedy. it would be poetic from him to adopt the name again to fight crime. am i alone here?

oh well. I still don't think he'd be the next Batman though...that would undo everything bruce accomplished as batman. why would he be mad at the copycats, but be okay with blake dressing up as batman? i'm pretty sure he wants blake to find his own way, but offered his tools and gadgets. i sort of get why people would want him as nightwing, but that identity belongs to dick grayson and the ancient kryptonian.

for me, blake will always be this trilogy's robin.
For me, Blake throughout TDKR being instrumental in helping Bruce and Gordon is Blake essentially being 'Robin', just in the Nolan idiosyncratic way of making it more grounded enough that people wouldn't bat an eyelid or do a double-take of a 10-year old carnie in a bright outfit leaping skyscrapers.

The end of the film though, he is replacing Bruce for the mantle of Batman just like Grayson does in the comics. It goes back to the first film about being a symbol that can't be destroyed. Gotham will always need Batman. That's why the bat-signal was repaired. I think the copycats in TDK was making a point of this as well. Essentially those people had just as much claim to the title as Bruce did. Bruce knew this too, he knew the only thing differentiating them was that he's 'not wearing hockey pads' (and of course is much more trained and prepared). But they're just doing the same thing as himself really (except killing, which played into Bruce's 'one rule' in that film).

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