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Default Re: What people DIDN'T like from The Avenger ........Spoilers - Part 2

One of my biggest problems is that Cap seems very under powered in this. I know he's not on Thor or even Iron Man's level but he needs to be stronger than what we see in this movie. The only parts he gets to shine (that I remember) physically was when he fought those Chitauri on that police car and when his strength was teased when he punched that punching bag but thats not nearly enough compared to the amount of times where hes shown to be struggling in a fight.

Some of the ways I think they couldve shown Cap's fighting prowess:
-That pre-vis footage of Cap jumping around dodging Thor's attacks shouldve been in the movie. It was perfect. It shows how acrobatic and fast he is even though he obviously cant touch Thor.
- Have him not seem to struggle so damn much in fights like in the final battle and that part on the helicarrier. I know that especially the helicarrier part was made to give a sense of danger but still, it was in Cap's expense. It looked really bad that he couldnt take on those random dudes.
-Having Iron Man save his butt during the Loki fight made him look helpless aswell, but I'm not sure how they couldve helped it. He is fighting a god afterall.

I really liked Cap and hes probably my favourite character in the movie, which is why I thought they needed to make him look stronger.

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