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Default Re: Mark Millar now snubbing Marvel Disney...?

Originally Posted by JP View Post
I'm not. And I'll gladly take FIRST CLASS over any other comic book movie released in 2011.
Heck I'll take Thor (449 mil) over FC. Yep (If were just condensing it to 2011)!!! In other words no matter what Fox/Marvel has put out it all been underwhelming (outside of XM-FC*) story wise and BO performance wise..

Your man Mark Millar can underhandely insult Marvel/Disney all he wants because he's backing a company that to the main people/fanbase he's trying to hype to Fox/Marvel is giving him backlash cause they want Marvel to have all their characters back (even more after the success of the Avengers). Marvel wins regardless

edit: I swear. This marvel characters rights things remind me of congress on the fiscal cliff issue and any other issue.. Nobody wants to budge for no good reason

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