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Default Re: Mark Millar now snubbing Marvel Disney...?

Originally Posted by C. Lee View Post
Yes. If within the "official" Japanese Godzilla movie productions it is acceptable to have a baby Godzilla the size of an 8 year old Japanese kid dancing around and blowing smoke rings...then I can accept the American version as a "version" of the Godzilla family.

I have seen most if not all "giant critter terrorizing mankind" movies. I have seen all "Godzilla" movies. Some are good, some are bad....but they are all "giant critter terrorizing mankind" or "Godzilla" movies.
Ok true so I'll rephrase it. So by that same token if A Godzilla Movie has a Giant Iguana with hind legs its still a respectable Godzilla film? Ane even you have to admit the the 98 Godzilla was the worst that any worst that came before it or after it

So all references to whether XM-FC is a respectable CBM with respect to genre of source/Comicbooks in general.

Don't bother me at all.
I have no doubt that it doesn't

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