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Default Re: Mark Millar now snubbing Marvel Disney...?

Originally Posted by C. Lee View Post
I'm sorry to hear that. There are many things that "don't make money" that are worthwhile and make sense. I volunteer time for a couple of charities...I make no money, actually "lose" money since I am giving my time to them....but it is worthwhile and makes sense to me.
C'Mon bro. We're not talking about the same things here. Charity and public service is applauded by me and is for the greater good. Movie companies make movies for money. Yes, for profit for their stock holders and nothing else. They have a budget and they try to get the most money on their return. So by that thinking I'll stand by my comment

There are many boxoffice winners I hate...and boxoffice bombs I love.
Very true. I hated the Bay TF but more people liked it. Made in the upper Millions at the BO (709 Mill)WW. How significant is my opinion to Paramount/Dreamworks?? Nil, so they said Lets make another one!!!! And they did. Hated that even more DOTM. Made even more money so they said MAKE ANOTHER ONE!!! So were in agreement on that one.

It's HOW the term is used that can make it a slap. I personally have no problem with calling a movie a "popcorn" movie...because to me that means extremely fun and enjoyable. But I know that others use it to mean unsofisticated, immature, lowclass, etc. Just saying a movie is a popcorn movie isn't an insult. But HOW and what your reasoning behind calling it that does.
As I said just that he publicly preferred TDKR makes the insult and not the "popcorn movie" portion of the statement

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