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Default Re: How to defeat the villainous kryptonians?

it's not so much the armor and weapons as well but mainly the training. Again according to that one sole source of mine (whose been wrong in the past but is so dead sure on this bit of info), Faora easily is the most skilled in terms of hand to hand combat and she pretty much destroys Superman the first time they meet... the strength is balanced out apparently but I don't know they'll explain that but she really savages him... that shot of him in the trailer dropping like a ***** coughing up blood is only the beginning of what Faora does to him. Zod is there but is watching his wife do the initial handiwork that's why his boot is there in that shot in the trailer.. again this is according to him.

And the part of Supes flying across the building towards the other Kryptonian, he's 100% sure it's Zod and occurs in the final battle and Faora's not there. How Supes overcome Faora though is a tightly held secret that he has no idea of cuz she completely beats the living **** out of him the first time and she's pretty laughingly sadistic about it.

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