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Default Re: Mark Millar now snubbing Marvel Disney...?

Originally Posted by R_Hythlodeus View Post
While I could accept that for Emma Frost and the way the CIA treated Moira, that certainly isn't true for (and this is just one example for many) Moira stripping down to her underwear for no reason other than the scriptwriters and Vaughn found no other way to get her half naked

edit: And if it really was their intention to channel every aspect of the 60ies then there is no excuse for that godawful x-kids behaving and talking like teenagers from the 2000s
I didn't say it was their intention to channel every aspect of the 60's....just that the way that the world reacted to women at that time was pretty accurately portrayed. I didn't say it was perfect....just that I very much enjoyed it and prefer it to some other comic related movies that others are always putting up against it.

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