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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 7

Originally Posted by Godzilla2000 View Post
So that's what the Mayans were predicting, that the previous thread was going to be closed and a new one would take its place.
Originally Posted by R_Hythlodeus View Post
Oh, soon this thread will fill with delicious NEW 2hor spoilers. maybe even with set pics that include Loki, promo art, a teaser poster...
And you will forget the old thread existed
So a new age of Thor 2 spoilers awaits us! How GLORIOUS!

Tom tweet today...
Tom Hiddleston ‏@twhiddleston
On my way to work for my last day on THOR 2 before Christmas. @thisisheart is playing The Pogues and quite frankly all is well.
That ThorTDW_ unofficial twitter account claimed they were done on Monday (after the Olly Moss post about his Thor 2 project being done)... I think they assume things and post it as if fact. Not the first time I've noticed that about them. Not a good way to do it, lots of false info can be spread that way.

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