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Default Re: How to defeat the villainous kryptonians?

I'd like to see something similar to this..brains and brawn.

Supes, zod, and faora are throwing down just on the edge of metropolis. lots of collateral damage is happening. supes tries to balance the fight with saving innocents.
Supes is holding his own but is slowly wearing down from the pounding that the two kryptonians are unleashing on him. still, he battles on.

The military, along with dr. hamilton, are standing by. the military is unsure as of yet just what to make of superman, but hamilton trusts superman completely..

Once colonel hardy sees supes saving innocent bystanders during the fight, he understands just what superman stands for. He and hamilton stand shoulder to shoulder, watching the battle. Hardy has newfound respect for this ''alien''.

Dr hamilton breaks out a new experimental weapon he has been working on, and asks col. hardy to intervene on supes behalf.

Supes is tired and bloodied, but he won't fall. zod hits him again and again, with a force that would level mountains, but still he wont fall. Supes is on one knee an he refuses to go down an inch more. Faora then throws a punch and supes catches it in midair..

Hardy gives the order and The military opens fire on zod and faora. Its a ferocious barrage. when the smoke clears its seen that it hasnt fazed them a bit ( which the military already knew would be the outcome ) but it does get the duo's attention. The two turn from supes and blast the military with their heatvision. several tanks and men vaporize.

The military keeps firing. round after round is fired. They are trying to buy hamilton and superman the time they need. The noise is deafening. several jets swoop in and fire as well. three jets are seen crashing in flames.

Hamilton whispers very quitely. ''superman, now, get out of there'' as he prepares the weapon.
But, Zod and faora also hear the message over the bombs and tank shells exploding and instantly stop what they're doing. They turn toward hamilton, their eyes glow bright red..

Superman rises and blasts zod and faora off their feet with his superbreath and heatvision and then launches himself straight up at terrific speed.
Hamilton fires his weapon at the two villains. Zod and faora disappear screaming into the phantom zone..

“Turn to page 394.”
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