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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 22

No Parasite/Metallooo please(I always come back to this). Not unless you want a situational episode of smallville with a powerless superman due to "meteor rocks" or a power swap/drain. I personally just can't stand it.

What TDK did was interesting but the execution dropped the ball at the end. Where they had the classic batman premise of two well known villains, however they kept one very much on his/our side and in his pre-turn state for 2 thirds. Whist the other one didn't even have an orgin.
If superman could do that sort of thing with Lex and the Superman seemingly working as partners(Lex being a brilliant scientist/industrialist for man and such), only to join Brainiac, (then turn on him only to have Brainiac conquer them both, only to have Superman...etc) midway through the second act, that would work. Especially if he still came out the hero and only superman knew and hated the truth(cue final scene outside of lex's office window).

I like it because like superman, the fresh audience is introduced to a benign Lex. And also, for the non fresh audience, it's not simply another Lex movie but it uses Superman's most pivotal enemy. Brainiac is technically Superman's worst threat and can fuel an avengers battle himself, plus with him he brings the truth, or more truth's about krypton with is good for Superman's journey(maybe doomsday should be the final).

Also, the cinematic world doesn't know who Brainiac is, so it's new. And they do know who Lex is so you got that great trailer mentioning a huge villain's name post a successful reboot.

Brainiac and Lex is a good combination.

Darkseid is taken(by that rushed JLA movie).

Doomsday, requires a somewhat seasoned superman in the world(for the impact)

Parasite/Metallo, no thanks.

Would love to see the elite storyline with a Nolan/Goyer twist.

The only thing I would demand is that Brainiac uses/takes the form of his own creator to do battle against Kal.

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