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Default Re: X-men Actors GALLERY thread

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Polaris I can see being a problem, mainly cause shes a fan fav who wont get the attention. Then the simlar powers and Mags relationship thing would just ask more questions.

Its likely only one X men will go back and even then its 4 X Men vs 6 Brotherhood.And they still may not have an X Girl on their team. I also dont really buy that Prof X wouldnt find other mutants between the two flicks. Who knows...
They could easily get away with Polaris' powers, manipulating metal is not the only thing that she can do. She can do force fields, concussive blasts and energy waves.

And I doubt only one X-Men will go back. This is their opportunity to mix the original cast with the new cast, I don't think they will just 1 send person from the future to go to the past.

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