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Default Re: X-men Actors GALLERY thread

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
They could easily get away with Polaris' powers, manipulating metal is not the only thing that she can do. She can do force fields, concussive blasts and energy waves.

And I doubt only one X-Men will go back. This is their opportunity to mix the original cast with the new cast, I don't think they will just 1 send person from the future to go to the past.
I believe in 616 thats all due to her Magnetism abilities. Dont know much about her Ultimate counter part though. I like her alot, I just see even more problems being brought in down the road if they keep her in the 60s, have her ability being Magnetism and not using a Magneto connection. Not saying it cant be done, if they add her and make it work more power to them. Im sure she could add some visual effects as well, guess Im just really for not having her introduced unless shes related to Mags. Just my preference for her. Hell, even with Dazzler Id rather see her introduced in modern times. Electro 80s thorowback is huge right now, put in a lil disco with the modern edm vibe and she fits right in. Could do some cool stuff with her on how she would enhance her shows and sounds.

Not saying it wont happen but I dont see much evidence right now that lends to multiple X Men being brought to the 60s. Some if not most those characters need to die or be captured to put weight on the future. Having all of them escape back in time would lighten the dramatics quite a bit. Be holding back. They only need one person to give the warning.

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