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Default Re: Superman's power level - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheHighlander View Post
This was exactly what I was thinking!!!!!!!

That is why he can't fly at speed of light.. he still has mass.. and a LOT of it, so that creates a whole lot of problems if he uses his powers to its potential...

Neo was LIMITLESS... he was in full god mode... and even neo had many challenges...he couldn't do it all by himself... I believe neo was a very good portrayal of power abilities in a limitless way.

Still... Superman returns showed a very powerful superman.... but they need to make it clear that using his powers has consequences...

For instance... i would love to see a punch to the face like neo does to agent smith that would look like a nuclear explosion minus the actual heat. Show him all powerful and WHY HE CANT BE like that... and why its a struggle to control his power and the balance it comes with power.
Perhaps this is something MOS will portray on screen. Perhaps Clark has spent his whole life trying to NOT use his powers (because of the 'cardboard' world around him which he can damage too easily, and also because of Jonathan Kent urging him not to reveal himself). He may not know the limits of his own powers until he finally has to face off against someone who can take it - Zod. I'd be happy if they showed at least a little bit of the struggle that Clark undergoes in order to control his powers and their consequences.

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