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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 7

I guess I might as well post this...

What I Know About “Thor 2”
Okay, for everyone FREAKING THE HELL OUT about “Thor 2” and Loki, let me put your mind at ease:
I can tell you that I know someone who worked on the set of “Thor 2”. He was actually at university with me and he got work with the lighting company on this particular flick. I can’t guarantee that his word is gospel, but he did tell me two things. And let me preface this by saying, he is a lighting tech. He has no real access to the full script and as a lighting tech, he isn’t required to know every single gory detail about the story (nor does he really care). He did tell me, however, that, yes, a main character does die; someone important. He said it was a heart-wrenching scene, but he assured me that my “Hiddles love will go untainted”.
He wasn’t very specific because, honestly, he doesn’t know. He never saw “Thor” and he was somewhat of a fan of the “Avengers”, but not a nerd like me. He also said he didn’t want to spoil me. He knows I’m a huge fan of Loki and he assured me that there is plenty of Loki love in this film.
When I asked him about “Avengers 2”, he said he had no idea and that he probably wouldn’t work on that film. Contractually, he’s not aloud to say anything (hence why I am not linking him/addressing him) about “Thor 2” and he shouldn’t have even told me that much.
He did say the costumes were pretty bangin’ tho. And that, as far as he could tell, Hiddles wore extensions, not a wig.

He is wrong about the extensions, definitely a wig, per my post above, but I suppose that's a good sign that it's a really GOOD one, if he couldn't tell. LOL

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