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Default Re: Which Comic Book Movie in 2013 are you most looking forward too?

how is Snyder hit or miss ?

Dawn of the Dead : best horror movie remake to date, badass film.
Watchmen : kick ass film, great adaptation, very hard project, he nailed it
300 : extreamly accurate to the comic book, very fun movie.
Legend of the Guardians : the only film that gave me the LOTR feel one more time. it was awesome !

you keep bashing Snyder for just 1 film, Sucker Punch. come on !

on topic : 1) Man of Steel
2) The Wolverine
3) Sin City 2

i really dont care about Iron Man 3, i think im gonna see something ive already seen. with Tony being more like Riggs than Tony Stark. and Thor 2 ? yeah i kinda want to see that but it will no longer feel like a shakespearian story with Marvel characters. Brannagh is out.

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