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Default Re: How to make the spiderman web shooters.

Originally Posted by White_widow View Post
I thought of something else for the shooter. If one were to add a high iron powder concentration and open the pressure valve by using an electromagnetic coil, then the iron filaments would magnetize and when they exit the shooter, would attract to itself meaning that the strand would become stronger and stick together instead of flying off into different strands. Also, after some research, I think I could easily build one of these electromagnetic valves and with a few edits to the cartridges, they could be easily replaced. All I need to do is figure out a specific pressure and get a budson burner and I can build a prototype.

Finally I think I need to think more carefully about the adhesive. Since most adhesives lose tackiness with heat, I need to wonder if it increases once the heat is absent or if the glue is lost forever. Anywho, I think the best wec would be a water based contact cement and polyeurethane until I can track down some nano-glue. the water would cause the polyeurethane to expand and the contact cement would stick until the contents evaporate which would be about half a second after the web leaves the can. The advantage of using the cement is that the rope would be more elastic and the adhesive would come off clean within a few hours. The advantage with the polyeurethane is that it cures hard and it expands and a reaction with sodium will make it harden. As for the nylon, it highly increases the tensile strength and iron will strengthen and magentize the web. The only thing missing from this is a dissolving feature.
i was thinking of a design that would fit the whole arm and that would have two pressurized canisters with the right psi and woild spin with each other to make the strands like in the movie and would cool using a device.i have to figure out that device and that would cool it to increase the tensile strength while having it shoot out with a somewhat medium size device spread from the arm and would have adhesiveness to come off your hands while you try to get offf of the web open for tips as well as my mistakes in my design.

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