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Default Re: How to make the spiderman web shooters.

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i was thinking of a design that would fit the whole arm and that would have two pressurized canisters with the right psi and woild spin with each other to make the strands like in the movie and would cool using a device.i have to figure out that device and that would cool it to increase the tensile strength while having it shoot out with a somewhat medium size device spread from the arm and would have adhesiveness to come off your hands while you try to get offf of the web open for tips as well as my mistakes in my design.
yes white_widow i do agree and we might be able to make a cooling device while it is heating so it wouldnt lose any tensile strength and adhesive propertys but there might be a cost and there could be complications with my theroy and i have looked how to make some and no one has made many real ones and they dont show how so imnew and i could work with you guys to buld the shooter and help develop the webbing,and the formulas for the webbing.

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