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Th Smile Re: How to make the spiderman web shooters.

Originally Posted by White_widow View Post
Now after discussing the properties of a possible fluid design, I offer two questions.

1.) What is the end behavior of the web? That is to say, what properties are held by the end of the web. It it shaped like a net, does it remain in one strand, does it spread like shot gun fire (while simultaneously being wound around the web), or would the ends curl in on themselves?

2.) Would creating the fluid be cost effective? Assuming that I could come up with the formula of a nylon polymer that had highly elastic qualities that was biodegradable, how much would it cost to make? To answer, At least thirty dollars a meter. If a person weighs about spiderman's weight, estimated to be around 160 lbs, then the max net force on the webbing would be 300 lbs due to gravity and momentum. This means that the nylon would have to be put together in tons of mini strands to catch a person. That doesn't include all the extra weight he carries.

So here's an alternate idea. Since a webshooter can be modified to hold more webbing, but the fluid is really expensive, (If silly string runs out that quickly, imagine marvelites everywhere with the real deal.) Then why not hold premade webbing. My suggestion is this. Fishing line that holds 300lbs.

This cost is about equal to get more than the nylon compounds. (Proof is at

The only difficulty there is to figure out how to shoot the fishing line. It isn't hard to find an adhesive that won't change the chemical formula and it will stick (unless line is teflon coated.) The shooter would certainly have to be modified but it would guarenteed hold weight and allow for easy adhesive coating.

Now here's another question. What does everyone want this webshooter for? Swinging, coating friends, improvised rope, blinding people, or anything else? Since spiderweb is near impossible to recreate technologically, we would need to have a purpose so we could plan accordingly. A webshooter has been created, but it only holds ten pounds and it is bulkier than toy's R Us. I found it at
From there, there are modifications that can be made to increase strength and properties. In my opinion, the one who made this is a genius.

The end of the webbing should have to have to band together for the adhesivness and the tensile strength are factors of the webbing.

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