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Default Re: The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Gianakin_ View Post
Yes, honestly, I can. It's 18 years between movies, I don't need to make a logical leap to get from RotS Vader to ANH one.
Irregardless theres just so many negative things you can say about the prequels that you can't about the originals and the fact that these bad things from the prequels are the only thing that has made it into pop culture (Jar Jar, Vaders NO) that it's a bit of a stretch to say these movies were brilliant or well done. I haven't even touched base upon how absolutely pointless the Clone Wars were, like why did they need to happen?

Palpatine needed the separatist threat in order to get an army of the republic. Okay fair enough, but once the threat was established and he had his army, if all he was going to do was use it to insite martial law, then why not just do it then and there? Also Palpatine already ordered that army to be made over 10 years ago, why not just claim his damn army and take over the defenseless senate? Also if there was no military, why do they need the Clone Army at all? He's already got all of those battle droids, we saw from Naboo that conquering a people without an organized military with those things isn't all that difficult.

In addition the whole plot of Attack of the Clones is basically a huge plot hole. Dooku (indirectly Sidious) is attempting to assassinate Padme because she opposes the military creation act. Well wouldn't an idiot like her work to their advantage? As I said early if theres no military to stop the Seperatists, who intend to build a Death Star and act just like the Empire, then they could conquer the galaxy easily. The next plot hole we are immediately given is when Padme says she thinks Count Dooku was behind the attack. What possible logic is there? If she really thinks the Separatists wish to become violent, then why would they want the idiot who's trying to stop the Republic from being able to defend itself dead? That is like a country declaring war on another, but making sure they have Nukes and a well trained military to defend themselves first.

I mean look at how the war ended, Palpatine just took his army and told them to kill their Jedi leaders, and there was absolutely no reason he could not have done this at the beginning of the war. He could have executed order 66, killed most of the Jedi, announced a peace treaty with Dooku, used the separatist armies and the clones to take over the galaxy and ruled with Dooku by his side. Why did this not happen? Because the movies were contrived to put Anakin into the Darth Vader and suit Lucas had no one around him to tell him Palpatines plan made no sense.

And don't try to defend the whole thing with whatever the book or the video games or the comics have to say about this because I'm not talking about that. Those are all works that were put together from scrapped ideas and different writers, I'm talking about the movies as they stand.

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