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Originally Posted by Agent Orange View Post
The Oscars hardly indicate quality. Mediocre/awful films get nominated for Oscars every single year. The Reader is a piece of garbage and it got The Dark Knight's spot back in 2008. Hell, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close was nominated for Best Picture last year and I'd have it on my top ten worst films of 2011 list.

Outside of a scant few nominees most of the films nominated year to year don't deserve to be honoured. If Rises gets a Best Picture slot then hey, whatever. If it gets passed over then hey, whatever.

Besides this, people don't need to look toward the Oscars to validate their opinion of a film. For that matter, it always makes me cringe when a trailer's selling point is "Academy Award winner XYZ", as if that's supposed to be indicative of whatever film/performance is being advertised, but I digress. Personally, I think that these obligatory award shows can be done away with. We've seen throughout history that some of the most memorable films were never Oscar candidates, while others were. To me, the true test of a films creative accomplishment and worth is standing the test of time. An annual ceremony could never hope to accurately gauge that.

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