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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 22

My issue isn't really about the time displacement in the bat saga, that fact just makes my final issue all the more annoying. Either way I can see a world where batman quits. I've seen it a few times. Maybe the best one I've ever seen was in the pilot for Batman Beyond.

I take that situation, and I take into account all Bruce has been through till that point(many many episodes) and the harsh realization that he really can't get out there any more(that's no enough), and the moral defeat that he needed a gun in hand...I see him putting the mission to rest(again for a while, the mission has to end when he dies though). What Nolan did was what he's been doing from the start, diminishing everything to the point where it's just batman in name only. Granted its still entertaining and it has it's own logic. But for someone like me, it just isn't my cup of tea.
I blame Morrison's JLA run for this.

I love that he's in Italy somewhere sipping tea while there's a possibility that some other kid's parents are no doubt being shot down on any given night.
-Gotham's a safe different city now
-He's left someone else to fight the good fight now
Right....If anything, the city believing Batman is dead is just going to make matters worse. Pick up a comic book.

Superman has retired as well. Again, it has to stem from a moral defeat. This defeat is what allowed me to get over the 8 year break in TDKR. With superman it was Kingdom Come. Of course he comes back.

As for Lex. I can understand where Il_Siciliano is coming from. The problem is that you're looking at what's come before, and possibly what you've read. There is nothing stopping a writer from taking the Luthor character beyond any of that and into extremely cinematic territory. I for one would simply look to All Star Lex and mix that with Brithright lex(change smallville to some other small town) and I'd be satisfied. The secret weapon of Nolan's joker was his 3 steps ahead brain capacity. That sort of crap would have just as big an impact to the superman audience.
The moral complexity of Bill the Butcher is not beyond Lex, trust me he think's he's doing right by he fellow man and he also is confused about entitlement.

Still I personally don't see a movie lex working without another villain.

Red Sun had a interesting take on the character. He essentially is a hero of man.

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