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Default Re: Non-Cap characters/cameos you'd like to see in Captain America 2

if Marvel wanted a more dramatic actress for the role of Mockingbird.. Kelly Reilly would be a decent choice recently getting attention from her performance in Flight which starred Denzel Washington (Oscar buzz?).. her big break started out with Joe Wright's Pride & Predujiced alongside future comic book film hopefuls Keira Knightley (Captain America/Dark Knight Rises) and rosamund pike(X-Men First Class/Man of Steel) hopeful Rosmound Pike...not to mention also sharing screen time with Tony Stark (RDJ) and Magneto (Fassbender) in Sherlock Holmes 1-2/Eden Lake.. she even did a TV movie with Bane/Mad Max Tom Hardy..Kelly also worked with Tom Hiddleston in Othello basically the play that helped him earn the Loki role..

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