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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 22

If Lex is the villain in a sequel,he obviously needs some serious underling power.Mettallo alone wont cut it especially when compared to MOS .If you must go with Lex I insist that Lex has the Anti-Superman army under him.The foes in the sequel must be more threatenig than the first.

I need to piont out that if they choose to have Braniac in a sequel,It doesnt have to be a rehash of Zods invasion.It all depends on the writing.
Zods invasion is an invasion of military might,Braniac cld be an invsion using mental might.For example we cld have Braniac taking control of all the worlds technology and mindcontrollig humans.That right there is a different invasion from Zod.

Sure Braniac use his Robot army in a sequel as that wld feel like a Zod rehash.In that case Braniac shld utilize Alien creatures in his collection as his army instead.You cld even have Doomsday in that collection.

Piont is a Branaic invasion can be handled very differently from a Zod invasion and imo a lot more scarier.

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