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Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I don't know if they are gonna bring Artificial Intelligence (like AI controlling the city and conquering the world) into the movie since they are already using the concept of time travel, there will be sentinels (and maybe alternate universe too). There's just going to be a lot of sci-fi elements if the central villain is an artificial intelligence robot. The X-Men movies always felt realistic and the idea of having an AI as the central villain is not. Plus I doubt this movie will be really close to the comics version of Days of Future Past. I feel like they are going too far, if the main villain is an artificial intelligence.
Except how would you have a human villain without him coming off as William Stryker 2.0? That's the problem, a lot of the human villains in X-Men are very similar to each other.

Also the Avengers was one of the biggest movies ever and it alien invaders and an evil Norse god as villains, so I don't think an evil A.I is over the top. There were plenty of over the top things in the comics.

Also why would they have a movie called Days of future Past and not have the story about preventing a Sentinel dominated future? That seems counter intuitive. So which human villain who want robots to over the world?

Now I think some could argue a Master Mold A.I would seem too similar to Skynet, but I am sure some people will say DOFP is too similar to Terminator regardless of that, because the stories have some similarities even without an evil A.I., even if DOFP was created first.

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