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Default Re: Thor 2 dvd/bluray extras wish list

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
Never too soon to be talking dvd/bluray extras, I think... and who knows maybe someone with Marvel will see this. so what would you like to see when Thor 2 is released on bluray and dvd?

I am an extras addict but I just don't think there has been anywhere near enough with the marvel movies. I would like...

1) more deleted scenes included!
2) more featurettes! Including a Loki featurette! There wasn't nearly enough Loki in the extras for Thor and Avengers. Pretty please?!?!?!
3) directors commentary is fine but I want to have Chris and Tom at least in on that too. Would be AWESOME.
4) A Thor 2 gag reel for sure!

any other requests?
I always like short films about the special and practical effects.

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