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Default Re: Jean Grey in The Wolverine

In the Internet Movie database trivia section someone claimed it took 3 days for Famke Janssen to film her role In the wolverine.However since they are keeping the Last Stand
In cannon I remain very skeptical Famke will be In The Wolverine for anything other than dream or hallunication.If they were Ignoring last STand wolverine could return to manson
and find jean returned from her apparent demise at end of X2.It's same thing with DOFP I don't see Famke In It for anything more than Cameo at end If the time travel has changed certain events of films(Like events of last Stand)

People need to be prepared for possibilty Famke's appearance here Is just a dream or hallunication.The connection to DOFP may be at end Wolverine deciding to return to mansion or seeing something on news at end of the WOlverine In connection to Sentinles.

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