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We already know one change Is coming since Xavier Is In film In future.But,let's say Xavier fills the rachel Role here.

If Bryan Singer were to bring back Ellen Page as Kitty,have her work with Wolverine at begining and help free the others and ultemly be the time traveler
I would have no problem with It.And Kitty's power would be better for getting Into camp or prison or base.But

1:We don't know If Ellen Page Is even Intrested In returning to franchise
assuming her contract Isn't still valid.She had to be begged to try out for Last Stand.And since then expect for Inception she had stayed away from genre films and even took part In Superhero spoof Super
2:Bryan Singer may want to bring back Anna Paquin as Rogue since she assumed the kitty like role In his X-Men films(X-Men/X2)

I would also have no problem with both Storm and COlossus returing.If Colossus Is In film with Singer directing that Increases the chances they would go after Daniel cudmore.If Bryan wasn't directing they might have recast Colossus If he was In film especilly since they gave him one line In Last Stand.

I think the chances are also good of Mystique being added to future.Rebecca Romijn Is one who remains on good terms with Bryan.She returned outside of blue makeup for first Class.Bryan directed her husband In Mockingbird Lane,and they may want someone on Magneto's side In future.

So If characters In future are Wolverine,Kitty,Magneto,Storm,and Colossus from comics and added for film Xavier and maybe Mystique I would have no problem with that.But,It remains to be seen If that Is how they will go.

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