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Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
I know comic Rogue has many fans, and some wants a better role for Anna, myself included

but at the same time Im a bit surprised some fans preffer the traveler to be another character instead of a more faithful adaptation using Kitty, just like the comic, even if the time travel is different.

This is the very first time Fox and Singer have the opportunity to respect many things from a storyarc, with DOFP, specially about the future timeline, using Wolverine, Storm, Kitty and Colossus, all of them alive on the original trilogy.

Wolverine is confirmed, Storm is played by one of the most known actresses of the trilogy and is a powerfull x-woman, Ellen Page is an Oscar nominated actress and has worked with some very talented directors, and Colossus is a cheap actor. Its like perfect circunstances.

of course from a fan perspective, many of us want to see our fave x-men at the same time, like Cyclops, Rogue, Kurt and more, but..... why not to respect the lineup of the storyarc this time? shouldnt the fans be happy with that? after all these years complaining about how different the movies are compared to the comics...

its kind of ironic
Its a movie adaptation, of course they won't use all the characters that were in the comic-book storyline.

Originally Posted by EnDz0n3 View Post
Maybe because I grew up on The Animated Series so I've always preferred Jubilee over Kitty. I know I'm in the minority
Yeah me too! And I actually thought they would upgrade Jubilee's role in X3.

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