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Default Re: Final page of ASM 698 is now online...

Originally Posted by Snikt8 View Post
You make some very good points. I don't know if Peter needs to really take a break....but he is one of the characters that has been in multiple comics every single month. So maybe its the writers that need to take a break....
Thanks man, and yeah...i really think that.
After all, writing a good and enjoyable story needs time...and lately writers are overloaded.
The Ultimate Universe could have told really excellent stories about Peter.
Now i'm not against Miles, he is a good character. But they prematurely killed off least i have to say that he died, this 616-ending is just Sad...and every aspect of Peter's life is Sad...this is not a new thing that Slott is giving to us. When we read about Peter, most of his stories are about death, misery and tears. So, do you want to conclude his run? Farewell, but do it with an happy ending.
Because Peter just needs it, an happy ending, considering that the word "happy" doesn't feature his run so much times.

In the future, we'll look at the 700th issue of our favorite Hero. And what will we say?
"Poor Peter Parker". Wait, we said this by years! IMO, this is not an "Epic" conclusion comic. It's just a sad escamotage to tell a new story.

New fan will arrive, that's good. That's what make marketing go on.
We all have to face an ending point, since every of us has one.
Just saying that Peter's ending point has gone too far bad.

Tobey Maguire reaction to The Amazing SpiderMan new Movie Loooool

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