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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 7

Originally Posted by Rust View Post
Well, he still doesnt flat out say "no", he's just being vague and dodgy.

But what a horrible scene btw. They should've just kept the Niagara Falls-one. Better score too.
Yeah that scene made me cringe the first time I saw it. I mean, he is on the sidewalk of one of the world's busiest cities and yet everyone is just walking by him while he is using his superbreath. Now I could understand why nobody would really pay attention to him doing that because you can't see wind, but when he uses his heat vision and nobody even pays attention and just walks right in front of him while he's using it? Seriously? Plus you would think that would melt the lenses in his glasses. All you can really do is just cover your eyes and shake your head. The classic comes to mind here.

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