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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

LOL. Much as I'd be intrigued to know what direction he'd put his own character in, how he'd present him, etc... I think I'd rather he stay in front of the camera for the Thor movies and concentrate on acting. It seems like a big movie like that is a HUUUUUUUGGGGGEEEE amount of work and stress that only people who have significant experience as a director (either of movies of tv) should tackle.

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I think he most certainly is slightly worried about what he is in for. I think he was more worried about going home and facing all of asgard. As of now, all he knows is that Thanos and the other gave him an army, and that he was threatened if he failed, and that Thanos wouldn't even see him directly. Since he really doesn't know them, I would think his biggest concern was realizing that ****, I may have a threat to deal with, and now I have to actually go home and own up to what I've done.

until he has another encounter with thanos and the other, I don't think he will be as worried as he should be
I would agree he's likely concerned about that, more than Thanos at this point. He did give The Other sass about whether their "army" was all that, and the Other took that sass as directed at Thanos as well. We don't know for sure if he's met Thanos, I'd think so at some point. We don't know that The Other was simply stopping him from seeing Thanos to be a d*** about it, and maybe wanting to keep Loki from winning over too much of Thanos' favor, for his own sake.

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