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Default Re: The Batsuit Master Thread - Part 2

Personally I really enjoyed the Begins looked nice and menacing and allowed decent mobility. Granted there were aspects that needed serious fixing (the gloves specially)

Ultimately though the TDK/TDKR is probably best out of all the suits but in need of some fixing:
-the chest has to be made less complicated so that the bat symbol can be more prominent. (saw this image a while back which perfectly addresses the issues)
Though the coloring needs to be darker IMO (that or turn it into a mix of gray and black) the chest is significantly improved. (I would also make the area around the collar less complicated.
-Completely redo the legs as well, less complicated.

The suits from the 89'/90's series were serviceable but severely flawed, specially in the mobility action aspect of the films. (though it did help that Burton knew how to shoot them so as to make them look menacing at times)....

I love Batman '89 and Returns as much as anyone but the shots of batman running down the street after exiting the batmobile from '89 as well as his stupid duck and 360 turn really highlight how stiff and limiting those suits were. Admittedly Nolan let some really bad shots of the batsuit into his series as well (bats talking to Maroni on the fire escape)

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