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Default Re: My Batman-Art-Project (Batman Eras)

Those are pretty good breakdowns.
For your art teacher, explaining the difference between the Gold and Silver Age of comics may be TMI. You could probably draw the best possible comparison by folding a Golden/Silver Age Batman into one category (and including the Adam West in that- the best possible shorthand for the less-informed to illustrate that Batman was originally more lighthearted entertainment directed at a primarily juvenile audience), and comparing it to the Bronze and Modern Ages, as Batman went in a more adult direction with O'Neill and Adams through the shockingly 'Mature' works of Miller and Moore.
All of those stories were legitimate, as the character went through profound changes in his first two years. In 1939 he was a darker figure who carried a gun, inspired by 'The Shadow' and the pulps. In 1940, with the addition of Robin, he became the smiling adventurer we knew until the seventies.
One of the most remarkable aspects of the character is that he is able to support such radically different interpretations. The recent 'Brave and the Bold' cartoon was inspired by the Golden and Silver Age, while the Nolan films owed more to the modern interpretation of Batman.
And they were both wonderful.

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