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Default Re: Things that bug you.

Originally Posted by Hobgoblin View Post
The Venom series bugs me. Having Flash Thompson wear the symbiote just feels wrong to me. Venom has always been a villain in my mind so having him be a superhero is an abrupt change. I can see how it would be an interesting idea to have Flash's anger and history of military violence be manipulated by the alien, but that doesnt happen. The symbiote has no presence in this series. Its merely a costume that obeys Flash's orders. Venom has never been a deep character, but the conflict between host and parasite was kind of interesting. There is none of that here.
I feel the same. Venom for me,has always been Eddie Brock. And while I can understand Marvel trying something different with the character,I hate the idea of the symbiote traveling from host to host over the years. Oh,and I hate how "Venom" is now just the symbiote itself. Again, Eddie+symbiote=Venom.
Honestly,I would love to see the character kinda start over,with Eddie getting the symbiote again. And I know alot of people say that Venom really hasn't done anything tragic in Spidey's life(I do agree),so...I want to see him return(as Eddie)and do something that would shake up the Marvel world. Like maybe kill Mary Jane or something like that.

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