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Default Re: Create-A-Hero RPG Season IV IC Thread

Originally Posted by NiteMare Shape View Post
Icon took his first unsteady steps outside of the monument which had housed his tomb, and immediately found his senses assaulted. His super-human hearing picking up the most diminutive of sounds playing like jackhammers in his head. It took him several moments, but he was able to bring it to a somewhat manageable level.

As he stumbled away from his tomb, he noticed several homeless people sleeping in the park not all that far from his monument. Knowing that he needed to find something to help him look alittle less conspicuous, he made his way toward one of the sleeping men. The man was sleeping on a bench, using his dirty old trenchcoat, which at one point looked to have been tan, but was now brown with age and neglect.

Icon discretely took the coat off of the sleeping man, and put it on. Then, he made his way to the entrance of Mt Olympus Memorial Park, and began his trek home.
Draped in the tattered and dirty overcoat, Icon made his way down the street toward his apartment. With the wind whipping, he might look to any onlooker as just another of Lost Haven's many homeless looking for a shelter from the cold night air.

He walked along in a slightly dazed state, disorientated and confused as he moved closer to his home. He noticed that things seemed somewhat different around him. The store fronts around him seemed new. With very few exceptions, there was very little evidence of the destruction that he remembered from the STRIKE siege and his ensuing battle with Endgame.

What's going on? This has to be one of Anderson's tricks." He thought to himself as he stumbled forward, taking a moment to rest against the side of a building.

Several steps later, a gust of wind, and that day's addition of the Lost Haven Times put that theory to rest. The first page of that day's paper blew into the side of his foot. He slowly reached down and picked it up, and he couldn't believe what he saw when he looked at the date on the top of the page.

"Six months...?" He quietly said to himself in disbelief. "I've been gone for six months?". He said, not believing the words he was hearing leave his lips.

With more questions than answers, he pushed on toward his apartment.


Scott fumbled with the doorknob to his apartment in the dark, finding that it was locked. Using little effort, he broke the lock...making note that he would have to replace it in the soon as he's figured out exactly what was going on.

As he stepped into the apartment and turned on the light, he found that it was not in the same condition as the last time he had seen it. There were empty coffee cups scattered around the apartment mixed with dirty laundry and empty take out containers.

"Keira?" He says quietly as he pushes a black bra with his foot.

He heard the sound of someone walking down the hall near Jenny's old room. He didn't know who could be in his apartment, but was surprised when the intruder made her way into the living room, coming face to face with Kayla.

"Oh my god...Scott?"

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