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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 7

Originally Posted by JosephCAW View Post
like Majik said, its not, especially when the picture in question is a screen cap from a PG movie

@ArmsHeldOut: honestly, I couldn't care less if the mods get pissed by my post, I'm pissed off that yet again they've pointlessly deleted a post from me in this very topic. Last one that I posted that was deleted was a picture of Amy at a movie thing I know its deleted, a few hours later, someone else goes and posts it and all of a sudden its ok so yea again I couldn't care any less if what I'm saying pisses them off, at least its the truth and not a lie.

I've said my peace on this, they have any issues with me they know how to contact me. To everyone else, Happy Holidays
Yeah, I hear you. I was a little bummed out too (as an image I personally posted was removed). I playfully brought some attention to it yesterday in the HC thread though; and I suspect that's why it (along w/ other related posts) was taken down. The mods likely had more of a problem with some of the comments which ensued than the actual image itself, however. As such, they took everything down to prevent further discussion over it. ::shrugs:: I guess they figured it was getting a little too hot in here so they opted to put out the fire altogether. Oh well.

Happy Holidays!

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