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Default Re: The Official Kevin Costner IS Pa Kent Thread

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
It seemed clear to me from the context of the trailer that Clark and Pa were talking about the rescue of that busload of children. Pa: "You have to keep this side of yourself secret." Clark said, "What was I supposed to do? Just let 'em die?" With "'em" referring to more than one person. That conversation is bracketed by scenes of the rescue, the other parent talking about what her son saw, and another image of an adult Clark watching a school bus pass him on the street.

To me it was clear that Pa was advising Clark that if it came down to exposing his powers to save another person's life or letting them die to keep his secret, he should choose to let them die. While it's understandable that the Kents would fear what might happen if Clark' s powers became known, his words were cruel and calculated to make the child fear the world. How is Clark going to develop a desire to use his powers for good if his own father doesn't encourage his compassion and sense of duty towards others?

The elder Kent's words in that scene are in direct contrast to what he said later in the trailer. "You just have to decide what kind of man you want to grow up to be, Clark." For me, the question is not what kind of man Clark wanted to be, but what kind of man were the Kents raising him to be. Because the kind of man who would let others die just to keep himself safe isn't the kind of man who will change the world in a positive way. You can't be a hero if you're so afraid for yourself (and of yourself) and for your own safety that you refuse to act.
Well, I would think that based on this statement that was released upon the announcement of Kevin's attachment to the role that there would be something present in the film that involves Pa and Ma Kent instilling the good virtues that help shape the good person that Clark grows up to be; unless Snyder was really pulling everyone's chains by saying this:

“Jonathan Kent is the only father figure Clark has ever had, the man who was there to help Clark understand what he was meant to do in the world as Superman. Kevin will be able to communicate the quiet strength of this rural American man who raised the greatest superhero of all time.”

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