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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 7

Originally Posted by ArmsHeldOut View Post
Yeah, I hear you. I was a little bummed out too (as an image I personally posted was removed). I playfully brought some attention to it yesterday in the HC thread though; and I suspect that's why it (along w/ other related posts) was taken down. The mods likely had more of a problem with some of the comments which ensued than the actual image itself, however. As such, they took everything down to prevent further discussion over it. ::shrugs:: I guess they figured it was getting a little too hot in here so they opted to put out the fire altogether. Oh well.

Happy Holidays!

yea, I already mentioned about the comments that came from the pics and how in many other topics, the mods and admins themselves have posted and said much worse than what was posted here....but whatever I'm done.

wheres the snow at....its christmas and there's no snow....

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