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Default Re: Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate VIII (Team Frenchie Edition)

It looks like Marion offered several takes of the infamous death scene. Sounds like the talk about that scene reached even them. It does make me wonder though if Marion was unhappy with how she was painted in that scene and if it means that she won't work with Nolan again (assuming of course that Nolan wants to work with her again). And funny that he mentioned that Mila looks like Marion because I remember a lot of people noticing too that Mila looks like a younger Marion Cotillard.

Interview with Guillaume Canet (Marion's boyfriend and director of Blood Ties) from the Dec/Jan French issue of Premiere Magazine:

She is a great actress, capable of opening her guts without asking questions. She has an unusual generosity which for me is the mark of a great talent in an actor. Cluzet’s the same. They don’t care about their image and don’t hesitate to take risks. This whole story about the scene where Marion’s character dies in The Dark Knight Rises is absolutely not her fault. It’s Nolan’s, who should have used another take. She offered him a multitude of options, and this one is the one he chose… I find it super brave of an actor to offer as many different tracks to a director. After that, it’s his job to be vigilant when faced with his film at the editing stage.

Mila Kunis arrived last on the film. I wanted someone fragile, but with character. A tough woman. They are girls who are fully integrated into this environment and living as the character of Marion, who is a prostitute or young women who watch these gangsters with a mixture of fascination and fear. I also found that she had a resemblance to Marion, very interesting considering the dilemma Clive Owen’s character’s facing, who messed up a first life with the woman played by Marion and risks repeating the same pattern with another after his release from prison.

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