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Default Re: The Official Valiant Comics Thread

Having read Archer and Armstrong #5, I think I can safely say that
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Xu Fu will be standing in as the Immortal Enemy ( as opposed to General Cheng) in this version of Eternal Warrior. While he lacks the differing eye colors of the original (at least as far as I can tell in my copy in the one close-up we get of his face), the fact that he is an Illusionist makes me suppose he will have tricked Gilad into making him think he has decapitated him at the battle at the Great Wall when he has not, OR he is going to be continuously reincarnated like the original Immortal Enemy. The phoenix tattoo on his neck (clearly symbolic for how the Immortal Enemy is continuously reincarnated) and various things he says ("Foolish immortal. Nothing is forever") makes me assume he will show up again as the Eternal Warrior's nemesis, with the phoenix tattoo as the "mark" of the Immortal Enemy this time around, as opposed to the differing eye colors.

So what new titles do you think Valiant will be having in the future? I already mentioned Rai and Eternal Warrior that will definitely be coming next year, and of course Harbinger Wars. I'm going to make a couple of predictions: I think we may get separate Geomancer and Timewalker titles. Clearly at the end of A&A #4,
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Ivar says he can't physically affect the world
, though, so unless that changes within A&A I don't know if we'll actually see a separate Timewalker comic. But since the original Valiant had it it's always a possibility. As for Geomancer I wouldn't expect it until at least the second half of next year, IF they are going to expand that character into a separate title, as opposed to just keeping the Geomancer in A&A/Eternal Warrior.

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