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Default Re: The Thea Queen/ Willa Holland thread

Originally Posted by Ryder View Post
Not really, I dont think I have said that before, when? anyway I dont really want to see Thea dead, she could leave for University or something. And do some growing up . Come back to the city later, thats the other option besides death imo.
Sorry. My bad. Did some back-searching and realised it was another poster; not you.

Originally Posted by Ryder View Post
Moira, well she is played by the best actress in the show, would be sad to see her go but her character she has been involved really in some craptastic things, is beyond redemption & just need to be offed. Dont think that I dont like the characters, I dont really hate anyone in this show. I'm just trying to be realistic about their chances of survival here. The chances are pretty slim.
But even if that is the case, it would interesting to see her try. Say she is eventually caught/arrested/turns herself in after Oliver first finding out about her involvement in Robert Queen's death. Subsequently, despite being in prison, she tries to redeem herself and to get Oliver's forgiveness.

And to bring it back to Thea, since this is the Thea thread, say she isn't privy to the full details and Oliver decides to protect her from the truth. This would serve as a wedge in their relationship with Thea being angry at Oliver for tearing their family apart again.

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